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I've always had the hots for muscle girls. Often when I went to the gym, I would spend more time looking at the sexy female bodybuilders doing their routines than my own workout. The sight of those sweaty buff female bodies, with their wide sculpted pecs and rock-hard butts would keep me aroused for hours!

But where could I see naked muscle girls?

Certainly not on those muscle women contests you see on TV....or so I thought! Turns out many of those buff babes had to pay the bills somehow as they were training day after day, and the easiest way was by doing hardcore pornography!

That's right!

Many female body builders and muscle girls do porn!

Is that a mind-blower or WHAT?!

And also seeing huge ripped bitches and firm fitness chicks fighting, wrestling and even doing each other in some of the most extreme female wrestling porn you're ever going to see!


But it gets better! Many of these same girls work for adult phone services. Why? Because with all their training and working out they just don't have the time to date. So they hook up with these services where they can talk with horny guys into muscle chicks and get off over the phone! Some even combine hard BDSM muscle domination into their fantasies and boy, does it get KINKY!

You got it! Hot REAL muscle girl phone sex!

Talk about a chance to pump the old love muscle! Once I found out about that I was on the phone so fast! The things some of these girls love to get off on would blow you away. They're easily as horny and kinky as the rest of us, trust me!

Now I know a woman with big muscles might not be your thing, and yes, some have big clits that might shock you (although personally I love a woman with a huge clitoris), but trust me, once you go buff, you'll NEVER GET ENOUGH!!!

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