These mature female body builders and sexy muscle MILFs are hitting the gym hard and training for their upcoming female bodybuilder contests. They sweat and strain with their lovely bare tits out as they pump iron and hit the reps. Fans of fit mature women will love these topless gym moms!
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Muscle MILF Training

"My son calls my gym workout sessions "muscle milf training", LOL! He thinks it's funny that his mature mom hits the gym five days a week and works out so hard. He doesn't understand that at my age (48), if I didn't workout my ass would be halfway down my legs and my tits touching my belly button. I find weight lifting really helps keep me toned and looking good. And what is does for my sex life is awesome! I've got a young college kid for a lover (i met him at a amateur female muscle contest I entered last year) and he says he gets off so hard when he fucks my tight muscular ass, LOL! So does that make me a "cougar" or a "MILF"?"

Topless Female Weight Lifting?

"My training partner Kathy and I almost always work out topless when we're doing our chest routines. How else can you see if your hitting the right angles and working the pecs? The gym we workout at is next to a nude beach so they're really cool about any nudity, but some of the older patrons that come in freak out sometimes seeing two women lifting weights with their tits out! LOL! I even had some young college girl once say "At your age you should be wearing a shirt!" Give me a break! At our "age" a women can do what she wants! I can't wait to see her tits and ass after two kids and twenty years! She'll either be in the gym blasting her abs or at Wal-Mart wearing her size 44 stretch pants!"
a topless gym moms workout picture
a topless gym moms workout picture

Topless Workouts!

"I work as a show girl in Vegas and we do a lot of topless revues and shows each month, so I have to stay in shape. And now that I'm older (37) I really need to watch what I eat and keep fit. Since I work topless in front of thousands of people, I find going topless at the gym is no big deal - for me! Sometimes the management comes over and asks me to put on a shirt if someone complains (or get's "distracted" as they say), but for the most part they're cool. I mean, come on, what's the big deal about a mature gal working out with bare breasts? It's not like I'm fucking someone on the bench press or anything!"

Amateur Female Bodybuilding

"I just recently got into amateur female bodybuilding and I have to say I love it! After turning 38 last year, I looked in the mirror and could see it was time to do something about keeping fit or I was going to turn into another doughy couch potato. And when a man's wife doesn't look good naked anymore, that's when he starts to get a wondering eye! So I joined the gym and found out they had a mature female muscle club and that's how I got started in bodybuilding. The great thing about having a group of just female muscle fans is that we CAN workout topless or nude and nobody gives a shit. Could you imagine trying to workout naked with a bunch of guys? Forget it!"
a topless gym moms workout picture
a topless gym moms workout picture

Topless Gym Bitch!

"I work as a professional Dominatrix so keeping buff and fit is just part of the game. I specialize in female muscle domination and I need the physical strength to throw my clients around a little bit, LOL! Lifting weights and working out keeps me focused too. I'll be doing my reps and in my mind I'm going through all the delicious little sexual tortures and humiliations I can inflict upon my slaves when I get home. And would you know I also have many female body builder clients? They get off on having a mature muscle bitch take them into the punishment room and dominate them. I was even thinking of opening a muscle domination gym/dungeon, but the insurance costs are too much for me right now. Oh, well, I can always have a little fun in the women's locker room with some of the young girls, hehe"

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